​Logan County Sheriff's Office is teaming up with Oklahoma Victims Impact Panel in hopes of getting the message out to our citizens on Impaired driving.

What Is VIP?

Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma, Inc. (VIP), is a powerful program aimed at combating drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs. This program offers a unique perspective to the impaired driver, presenting in a very personal way the far-reaching effects of the choice to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Through LIVE panel presentations, the audience experiences the impact of impaired driving through the eyes of:

  • A victim:  “The good news was that our daughter was killed instantly.”
  • A rescue professional:  “It’s the faces of the children killed by drunk drivers that you never forget.”
  • An offender:  “Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the lady I killed.  And it was all because I chose to drive after drinking.”

The Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma, Inc., (VIP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the epidemic of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Impaired driving crashes take innocent lives and physically injure an alarming number of people daily.  They are the number one killer of our young people.  But unlike other serious epidemics, impaired driving has a cure. The answer is found in those who are forever changed because of someone’s decision to drive under the influence.

Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma, Inc., believes in aiming at the heart to reach people about the dangers of driving under the influence. This is accomplished by presenting a panel of three speakers who share their personal and very real tragedies, thereby giving a name and a face to the pain and devastation.  The three perspectives presented include:

  • The Victim:  This is either someone who has lost a family member to an impaired driver; someone who survived a wreck caused by an impaired driver; or someone whose loved one was permanently disabled or injured by an impaired driver.
  • The Rescue Professional:  This viewpoint can come from law enforcement, firefighters, or ambulance paramedics.  These are people who are emotionally impacted by what they see and deal with at a DUI crash scene, regardless of the fact it is their job.
  • The DUI Offender:  This is someone who has killed or severely injured someone while driving under the influence and has served prison time for the crime.