For Emergencies Dial 911
Dispatch: (405) 282-4100
216 South Broad St.
Guthrie, OK 73044

Communications Division

The Logan County Communications Center is staffed by 8 dedicated and loyal employees who are committed to providing quality service by performing a most important function for the Logan County Sheriff's Office.

The Communications Center receives, and processes emergency and non-emergency calls for service ensuring the appropriate response by public safety resources. The amount of time taken to process these calls is critical to the safety and wellbeing of those that are served. Persons who operate communications equipment are known as Dispatchers. During emergency calls, the Dispatcher obtains necessary information and initiates the appropriate response in the least amount of time possible.

Dispatchers are familiar with the geographic layout of the area for which the Communications Center is responsible. The Communications Center is equipped with an Enhanced 911 emergency telephone system, and access to nationwide law enforcement records and communications via OLETS/NLETS and NCIC. Calls for service are processed via the ODIS system.