For Emergencies Dial 911
Dispatch: (405) 282-4100
216 South Broad St.
Guthrie, OK 73044

Jail & Inmate Information

Inmate Visitation

All visitation at the Logan County Sheriff's Office is conducted by video.

As a courtesy, the Logan County Sheriff's Office provides a video kiosk in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office free of charge. Visitation is limited to 10 minutes per visitor per day. Visitors must call ahead and follow ALL visitation guidelines.

If not coming to the Sheriff's Office, you may visit with an inmate using the City Tele Coin app. Video visitations are monitored and visitors MUST follow visitor guidelines. Visitors that are found to violate these guidelines, will have their visitation privileges suspended.

Video Visitation

All personal inmate visitation is through NCIC Inmate Communication Systems. Attorney and counsel visits are scheduled with the jail administrator.

Step One Create an Account on the NCIC website

Step Two Select Logan County Facility

Step Three Select Inmate

Step Four Choose the Date & Time for your visit

Visitor Guidelines

Visitors must be at least 18 years of age or have their parent or legal guardian present.

Visitors must comply with the visitors dress code which will be as follows:

  • No mini-skirts.
  • No halter tops.
  • No short shorts.
  • No see through clothing.
  • No swim wear.

Persons violating this dress code will not be allowed to visit. Inappropriate activity sexual or criminal in nature will result in termination of remote visitation, and the visitor may be banned from future visits.

Persons who have been incarcerated in this detention center will not be allowed to visit any inmate for a period of six months after their release date.

Inmate Mail Policy

All incoming and outgoing mail must have First and Last name and full address of both the sender and the recipient on the envelope. Mail is scanned and sent to inmate electronically.

Inmate mail may be sent to:

Logan County Sheriff's Office
Inmate's Name
216 South Broad
Guthrie, OK. 73044

Inmates may also receive items sent from 3rd parties

Persons who have been incarcerated in this detention center will not be allowed to correspond with any inmate for a period of six months after their release date. If you wish to correspond with currently incarcerated inmates it must be approved by the Detention Center Administrator.

Normal mail rules still apply, and content violation may prevent delivery of the item to the inmate.

Prohibited material include:

  • No lipstick, lip gloss, or scents allowed on any material
  • No metallic fixtures or stickers of any kind.
  • May send ten (10) blank paper, ten (10) stamped envelopes.
  • No printed social media papers (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) this includes newspaper clippings or comic strips.
  • No unauthorized correspondence between inmates to other inmates or other persons in a Rehab facility.
  • Pictures are accepted. They must be on photo paper and no larger than 4 x 6.
  • No pictures will be allowed that are graphic, suggestive, or inappropriate.

Inmate Commissary & Web Deposits

benchmark inmate services

Commissary services for inmates are provided by Benchmark.

Funds may be added in person using the kiosk at the Sheriff's Office 24/7. Persons adding funds to an inmate's account may use cash or credit cards using the kiosk in the office lobby or online.

Commissary Orders must be received by Thursday at 8AM CST for delivery.